Governing Documents

Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for The Trails of Chestnut Meadow

I.  Declarations


The Declarations establish many important characteristics of the Association. The first section is the definitions, which apply to the entire document. When you see a capitalized term in the balance of the document, it likely refers to a definition here, so this would be of particular interest. Another area of interest are the Architectural Standards and Protective Covenants. These sections govern behavior and architectural aspects of the Owners and properties within The Trails of Chestnut Meadow. Additional aspects of this section are:

        · Addition or withdrawal of property
· Membership and voting rights
· Obligations of the association
· Property maintenance
· Finances
· Common properties and easements
· Various exhibits

Link to CC&Rs 

II.  Bylaws

The Bylaws largely govern how the Association will accomplish the items outlined in the rest of the document. This section includes:

        · Membership in the association
· Voting
· Meeting requirements
· Board of Directors
· Officers
· Committees

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III.  Articles of Incorporation

This short section is the State of Texas authorization for Chestnut Meadows Association, Inc. to exist.

Link to Articles of Incorporation

Pool Card Form

Should a resident need to apply for additional pool cards, the form is here.

          Pool Access Form

Fence Color and Stain Guideline

On February 19, 2009 the Board past this resolution further defining what stain colors would be acceptable in Chestnut Meadows.

          Fence Color and Stain Guideline

Fence Relocation and Alteration Guideline

Should a resident need to complete an architectural request for a fence, in addition to the requirements of the Design Guidelines, this guideline will also need to be taken into consideration.


Fence Relocation and Alteration Guideline

Management Certificates

Because various policies above reference the management certificates for the Association, mainly for the address of the management company, we have included links to those certificates here:


Kaufman County


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