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Amenities and Facilities Committee

The committee advises and assists the Board and managing agent, if any, in maintaining and improving community recreational facilities including the pool, pond, playground, trail, and common areas on issues such as rules, policies, maintenance, upkeep, the use of, while maximizing the benefits of each.

Subcommittees: Flag, Maintenance, & Safety and Security

Landscape and Beautification Committee

The committee is responsible for improving and maintaining the Association’s entrances and common grounds. Also, the committee promotes projects that will enhance property values.

Subcommittees: Yard of the Month, Decorations, and Landscaping Planning


Communication and Publications Committee

The committee is responsible for improving and maintaining communications between the Board of Directors, homeowners, and the management agent if any. It will promote the activities and events of the Association.

Subcommittees: Welcome, Newsletter, Web Site, and Technology

Social and Events Committee

The committee advises and assists the Board in creating and implementing social events and activities for the members of the Association. It promotes the activities and events to the members and the general public, as appropriate.

Subcommittees: Meadowfest, Community Night Out, Community Garage Sale, Holidays, Back to School, End of School, and Special Social Events

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has the responsibility to review and rendering decisions on architectural submittals to ensure compliance with the Governing Documents. It is responsible for reviewing, approving or rejecting, and acting upon applications for original construction, the addition, modification, or alteration to existing structures.

Covenant Review Committee

The committee reviews the existing Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions referred to at the CCRs. It will update, add, modify, or eliminate some rules and present their recommendations to the members of the Association for approval.

Nominating Committee 

Finance Committee